Quality Policy

  • “We the members of M/s Trimurti Enterprises, Are committed for total Customer’s satisfaction by delivery supplying products at competitive and on-time delivery with excellent quality by continual improvement in our quality management in our quality management system.”
  • With our guarantee to deliver on time and without defects, we have become a leader in our industry for over two decades.
  • Quality is our No 1 priority and we have extensive procedures in place specifically designed to maintain our status as the highest quality manufacturer.
  • Our customer’s parts and production deadlines are extremely important to us. We operate as if we were an extended member of your team.
  • Trimurti’s team is consistently trained and developed to show nothing but the highest level of integrity.
  • We track and monitor our delivery and performance. In addition, Trimurti has become an ISO 9001 : 2015. company.
  • This is a designed system of employee ownership that instills a vested interest of pride and ownership and helps drive our amazing teamwork.
  • As part owners of the company, team members share in Trimurti’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction

Quality Management System Manual

Trimurti Enterprises has planned actions to address the above risks and opportunities and has initiated appropriate procedures to integrate and implement appropriate actions into our QMS including the evaluation of the effectiveness our QMS processes. Any actions taken to address risks and opportunities shall be proportionate to the potential impact on the conformity of products and services.

Quality Objectives, Performance and Planning to Achieve Them

Quality Objectives have been established at appropriate areas and levels of the Company. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and applicable plans to achieve them have been initiated and Implemented with intent to support the quality policy, meet and exceed requirements for product and processes, and to continually improve the QMS and its performance.

  • On time product delivery to customer.
  • Machine utilization.
  • Overall equipment Efficiency.
  • Reduce no. of customer complaint.
  • Reduce customer end PPM.
  • Reduce internal rejection PPM.
  • Increase in customer satisfaction index.
  • Increase in business sales turnover.
  • Increase in supplier quality performance.
  • Increase in supplier delivery Performance.
  • On time delivery from supplier.
  • Reduce breakdown hours.
  • Increase in MTBF.
  • Reduce MTTR.
  • Dispatch monitoring in time.
  • Maintain stock inventory.
  • Reduce internal audit NC’s.
  • Increase in no. of Kaizan.
  • Impart training to all employees.
  • Reduce no. of accidents.

Quality Performance Objectives – Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Quality Performance Objectives (QPO and/or Key Performance Indicators (KPI)) are measurable strategic business goals which have been initiated to improve operational performance and to ensure customer satisfaction. They have been established by management and are implemented through employee involvement. The results and required actions are communicated to the organization and are reported and monitored within the framework of our Management Review Process. Trimurti Enterprises retains documented information on the status of our quality objectives. If shortfalls are identified, Management may revise objectives, issue corrective action requests, or take other appropriate Actions to address the issue.