Deburring Services

Trimurti Enterprises metal deburring services as part of our suite of custom finishing services for metal parts. Deburring services are used to remove the residue and imperfections remaining on a metal surface after the part have been machined, fabricated, welded or cast. Removing the scale and burrs from the part produce a part that meets exact product specifications, ensuring a properly fitting part. A smooth surface will allow for proper seals between parts if needed.

Our metal deburring services are performed under controlled conditions in our custom-designed, high performance machines.

  • Efficient burr removal over the entire part, to the tightest tolerances.
  • Suction or pressure deburring to provide the most effective removal.
  • Wide range of media, including steel media, cut wire, Plastic media and ceramic media. This allows for precise deburring that will not pit or damage the surface.
  • Plastic media are used to soften gears, metal or aluminum parts for further finishing.
  • Ability to handle a wide size range of parts and components.
  • Ability to deburr many metals, including aluminum, Bronze, steel, steel forgings and machined parts.